James Pugh

High school football on Friday, Saturday, and Monday? Why not?

Rain, thunder, and lightning wreaked havoc Friday night across South Mississippi. Delays led to postponements, which included several Week 7 games being moved to Saturday, and a few on scheduled for Monday.

Do I have a problem with high school football having an NFL-ish like feel, regarding games being played on Thursday and Monday night? Mercy no.

If you want an extra fix of high school football, the Sports601 coverage area has three Monday evening/night games for you: Brookhaven at Laurel, St. Patrick at North Forrest, and Lumberton at Sacred Heart.

Ole Miss freshman from the Sports601 coverage area ball out

Ole Miss leads the nation in yards gained by freshmen. By the numbers, Rebel freshmen account for 82.1 percent of teams’ offense.

Saturday night against Vanderbilt in Oxford, freshmen, led by Oak Grove four-star standout John Rhys Plumlee, tallied 452 yards of offense. Plumlee passed for 99 yards and ran for another 165 yards on 22 carries. It was the most yards rushed by an Ole Miss quarterback since 1979.

Hattiesburg standout "Snoop" Conner, now a freshman running back for the Rebels, also had 91 yards on four carries, including an 84-yard touchdown run.

Ole Miss (3-2) defeated Vanderbilt (1-4), 31-6. The Rebels improved to 2-1 in the SEC West.

Fantasy Football

Here’s how it goes for me every week in Fantasy Football - when I’m the underdog, I win the week; when I’m the favorite, I lose.

Week 5, against my good friend Madison Manning, I started as the underdog. As stated above, that's good for me. Thanks to Dak Prescott's 73 fantasy points and Amari Cooper's 52 fantasy points, I take a 250-185 lead heading into Monday Night Football. Unless Cleveland running back Nick Chubb has a 66-point night versus San Francisco; I'm golden for the week.

My trick from the beginning is to draft a high passing quarterback and his top projected receiver. It’s worked so far and will likely grab me the “money bag” this week. Stay tuned for next week.

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