Football on Tee

Petal, Oak Grove, West Jones and Taylorsville will attempt to take the final step to their respective state championship games this weekend. The undefeated Mustangs will face Picayune, also unbeaten, at home, while Taylorsville will battle Scott Central, the reigning 2A state champs. The biggest game of the weekend just might be Oak Grove at Petal, as the two rivals square up to see who gets to play next weekend for the state title in Mississippi's highest classification (6A). 

Here are our expert pickers take on the games this week. 

Richton at Lumberton

Buzz: Lumberton

Brian: Lumberton

Dale: Lumberton

James: Lumberton

Scott Central at Taylorsville

Buzz: Taylorsville

Brian: Taylorsville

Dale: Taylorsville

James: Taylorsville 

Jefferson Davis at Columbia 

Buzz: Columbia

Brian: Columbia

Dale: Columbia

James: Columbia

Picayune at West Jones

Buzz: Picayune

Brian: Picayune

Dale: West Jones

James: Picayune

Oak Grove at Petal

Buzz: Petal

Brian: Petal

Dale: Petal

James: Petal

Ole Miss at MSU (played Thursday)

Buzz: Ole Miss

Brian: MSU

Dale: Ole Miss

James: Ole Miss

Missouri at Arkansas 

Buzz: Missouri

Brian: Missouri

Dale: Missouri

James: Missouri

Alabama at Auburn

Buzz: Alabama 

Brian: Alabama 

Dale: Alabama

James: Alabama

Texas A&M at LSU

Buzz: LSU

Brian: LSU

Dale: LSU

James: LSU

Vandy at Tennessee 

Buzz: Tennessee

Brian: Tennessee 

Dale: Tennesse

James: Vandy


Buzz: FAU

Brian: USM

Dale: USM

James: USM

Ohio State at Michigan

Buzz: Ohio State

Brian: Ohio State

Dale: Ohio State

James: Ohio State

Clemson at South Carolina

Buzz: Clemson

Brian: Clemson

Dale: Clemson

James: Clemson

Louisville at Kentucky

Buzz: Kentucky

Brian: Kentucky

Dale: Kentucky

James: Kentucky

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Buzz: Oklahoma

Brian: Oklahoma

Dale: Oklahoma

James: Oklahoma

Expert Pickers Cumulative Season Records

Buzz Jack: 151-44

Dale McKee: 146-49

James Pugh: 142-53

Brian Jack: 137-58

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