The soft sound of dulcimers being strummed along with the laughter and occasional high pitch scream of children playing on jumps could be heard on the front lawn of the Stroka Gene-Us Alpaca Farm during their 7th Annual Stringer Alpaca Festival on Saturday, November 23.  Delicious hot tamales, sausage dogs, funnel cakes, and more could be enjoyed from the several food vendors. There were also vendors of all types set up with their goods on display.  Children and adults alike were able to pet the Alpacas and feel the softness of their beautiful fiber.  In addition, demonstrations were held to show the guests how the Alpaca fiber is eventually made into yarn.  The Alpaca Store was filled with all types of products made from their fiber. Some of the handmade products were produced by owner Mary Ann Stroka and some were imported from the rural villages of Peru, the original home of the Alpaca.

A Stoka Gene-US Alpacas Farm is located in Jasper County at 383 County Road 155. County Road 155 is off Highway 15 North near Lu's Steakhouse & BBQ - just follow the alpaca silhouette signs. For more information, contact Mary Ann at 716-863-4366.

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