Billboard lawsuit

Mississippi Supreme Court

In Smith Petroleum v. Lamar County School District, the state high court unanimously upheld the district’s denying a request by Smith Petroleum to erect and construct an LED advertising billboard on 16th Section leasehold on Old Highway 11 in Hattiesburg.

Smith Petroleum filed its Notice of Appeal and Bill of Exceptions with the Chancery Court of Lamar County. The chancellor affirmed the School District’s denial of Smith Petroleum’s request to erect and construct the LED billboard. Finding no error, the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the chancery court.

The Hattiesburg Planning Commission had approved the permit to build the sign, but the Lamar County School Board asked that construction on the sign stop because the sign was on 16th Section land, which is overseen by the School Board.

At the May 9, 2017, board meeting, requests for the construction of billboards on Old Hwy. 11 were denied to Smith Petroleum, Lamar Outdoor and Headrick’s Signs, all who planned signs on Old Hwy. 11.

The Supreme Court said the School Board “did not act arbitrarily or capriciously in denying the request to construct an LED billboard on 16th Section land.” Then it affirmed the chancery court judgment.

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