Billy Joe Crosby of the Hatten community in Jones County was hit with his second felony conviction when he pleaded guilty to stealing various oilfield items back in September of last year. Crosby took tubing, hydraulic fittings, pipe wrenches and other things from an oilfield work site near Gitano and tried to resell them at a local recycling plant.

Crosby, who was facing up to 10 years if convicted by a jury of the grand larceny charge, received an eight-year sentence, with four years suspended contingent on him successfully completing post release stipulations, and ordered to pay $4,417.50 in court costs and restitution.

Prentiss Darnell Crosby also pleaded guilty to grand larceny, admitting that he took two TVs from South Central Regional Medical Center back in the summer of 2016. He had confessed earlier to police that he entered the hospital on two different occasions, found an empty room, and took the TV out of the room. On his second attempt he was noticed trying to slip out of the hospital with a TV in a black bag.

After his plea of guilt, he was sent into the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections for three years with two years of post release supervision. In addition he must pay court costs and restitution totaling $2,617.50.

“Your going to mess around and get indicted as a habitual offender,” Judge Williamson said after the sentence declaration. “Get through with this time, come back and get a decent job. Focus on things that are really important in life. Be a father to your daughter.”

Crosby had an earlier conviction for the burglary of an automobile.

A third defendant, Kelvin Deunta Holland, also pled guilty on Wednesday to grand larceny. He admitted to taking a money clip left on the counter at Diket’s Drugs by a customer who was in front of him in line at the store. Holland took the money clip, collected the cash from it (which the victim claimed was over $2,000), and trashed the clip.

Diket’s produced video that showed Holland to be the customer in line behind the victim at the store, and he was picked up later by police at the Town House Motel in Laurel.

On the recommendation of the District Attorney’s Office, Judge Williamson suspended a five-year prison term against Holland and placed him under three years of probation. Holland had no previous felony convictions and had already served 106 days in jail before his court appearance. He will also owe $4167.50 in court fees and restitution.

Jeffrey Allen Walley was punished with a 10-year sentence with the MDOC, with five years suspended, plus court fees totaling $2,417.50 after he admitted to sexual battery charges involving a 12-year-old girl. Walley is now 37. The crime occurred in March of 2018.

Walley had no previous felony convictions. In addition to his prison time he must complete five years of post release supervision and register as a sex offender. Should he not completely fulfill the Court’s orders during the post release supervision portion of his sentence, the judge could revoke the suspended time of his ruling and send Walley back to prison for another five years.

After pleading guilty to receiving stolen property back in 2018, Shawn Knight of Jones County was fined $2,057.50 for court costs and restitution and given three years of probation.

He faced up to five years in jail if he had been convicted by a jury of taking a utility trailer and some other equipment, including a Chattanooga cane mill, that went missing on June 19, 2018, from a residence in the Hoy community north of Laurel. The stolen property was valued at over $3,000.

Circuit Court Judge Dal Williamson told Knight after he accepted his plea that he had received a break and warned him to fulfill his probation requirements, including community service.

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