Tour of Homes - Holifield House

The Holifield House - owned by Judi Holifield. Photo submitted

The Laurel-Jones County Council of Garden Clubs’ “Renaissance Holiday Tour of Homes” will take place on Sunday afternoon, December 15 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.  Four homes will be on tour including the home of Russ and Ann Griffin, located 746 4th Avenue; Randy Jackson’s home, located at 723 N. 6th Avenue; Judi Holifield’s home at 624 W. 7th Street; and the Grandiflora/Lindsey-Stancil House at 705 N. 5th Avenue. Refreshments will be served in the lobby of the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at Patina’s and the LRMA.

Previously we introduced you to the Griffin House and the Giles-Jackson House. Today, we will give you a little information about the Holifield House owned by Judi Holifield, who is the executive director of Laurel Main Street.

Many attribute the successful revitalization of downtown Laurel to Holifield and her unwavering tenacity to never give up on a vision or let others give up either. Some of you may recall seeing Judi’s house on Season 3, Episode 13, of HGTV’s “Home Town” with Ben and Erin Napier.

Wanting to downsize and move into town to be closer to her work and friends, Holifield chose an adorable cottage home that was built in 1925 and is within walking distance (or a golf cart ride) to downtown Laurel. According to Holifield, the original owner is unknown; however, in 1940, the house was purchased by the Overstreet family, and they owned the house until 2018. Mr. Marvin Overstreet was a barber and had his shop in the back of the house. His wife, Delores Overstreet, was a teacher. During the Home Town renovations, the barbershop turn retirement sunroom was torn down, and a bungalow built in its place.  The attic, which was used as a sewing room by Mrs. Overstreet, was completely remodeled and now serves as the guest room and play area for Holifield’s grandchildren.

Holifield said her favorite part about the home is the beautiful original hardwood floors. On the tour, you will see the house decorated in the Christmas décor that best accents the warmth and coziness of cottage living.

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