Tommy Plisco

During the late morning of Wednesday, June 5, Jones County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on Sharon Moss Road in regard to shots being fired. 

The driver of a propane gas truck had accidentally stopped at the residence of Tommy Plisco, 75, of Laurel.  The driver got out at the home, knocked on the door to verify the address, and when no one answered the door, the driver got back in his truck and prepared to leave the property.  Plisco came out of the door of the home yelling at the driver, claiming he was trespassing and a few times threatening to kill the driver.  Plisco stood just a few feet away from the truck and allegedly fired at least three rounds from a handgun – one hitting the driver’s side glass and shattering it, one round hitting the driver’s door, and another hitting the fender. 

Deputies took Plisco into custody and charged him with aggravated assault.  When interviewed, Plisco stated the driver had hit his fig tree.  The driver stated he didn’t hit anything coming onto the property.  Plisco did admit to threatening to kill the driver at least three times, according to information released by the Jones County Sheriff’s Department. 

Plisco’s bond was set at $10,000.

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