Wanda Landrum

Wanda Landrum of the Jones County Circuit Clerk's office helps tally ballots Tuesday, August 6. Photo/Kevin Williamson

Jones County voters stayed home in droves Tuesday, as only about 18,000 of over 40,000 registered voters even bothered to go to the polls. The ones who did show up shook up the county’s law enforcement structure, as Republican challenger Macon Davis nearly upended incumbent Sheriff Alex Hodge in a single night.

Davis didn’t quite pull the needed 50 percent of the vote, so he will face Hodge on August 27 in a run-off.  A third candidate in the race, Paul R. Sumrall Sr., garnered about 9 percent of the vote, which may have prevented Davis from winning outright. The winner of the August 27 tilt between Davis and Hodge will face Independent Joe Berlin in November.

In another surprise of the evening, Ramona Q. Blackledge topped incumbent Gary V. Staples (3,193 to 2,304) in the District 88 House of Representatives race. Chris Hodge collected 1,274 votes as the third candidate.

Below are additional results from Tuesday’s election in Jones County involving local candidates but does not include statewide races. The totals do not include 857 absentee ballots, which were being counted late Tuesday night.


*Alex Hodge: 5,605

*Paul R. Sumrall Sr.: 1,219

*Macon P. Davis: 6,562

Chancery Clerk

*Wendell B. Gavin Jr. - unopposed. 

Circuit Clerk

*Concetta Brooks - unopposed. She will face Independent Colenia Ross in November. 

Tax Assessor/Collector

*Tina Gatlin Byrd: 9,206

*Michael Walker: 4,219

County Attorney

*Brad R. Thompson - unopposed

County Surveyor

*Harvey Saul - unopposed


*Burl Hall: 7,505

*Phyllis Pitts: 3,580

*Zach Rowell: 2,116

Supervisor Beat 1

*Johnny A. Burnett: 1,016

*Richard Baker: 72

*Harlon Mathews: 564

*Toby Herrington: 282

*Barry Dunagin: 253

*Don M. Williams: 87

Burnett and Mathews will face each other in the August 27 run-off. Independent Bobby Brady Jr. will appear on the ballot in November. 

Supervisor Beat 2

*Chad Boykin: 254

*T. Larry Dykes: 1,034

*Michael Phillips: 480

*Mike A. Bush: 449

*Richy H. Seals: 804

*Mike Strickland: 469

Dykes and Seals will be in the August 27 run-off. Independent Ronnie Herrington will appear on the ballot in November. 

Supervisor Beat 3

*Phil Dickerson: 1,518

*Barry E. Saul: 1,327

*Randy Norwood: 471

*Jessie James Maxey: 44

*Johnny Wright: 543

Dickerson and Saul will face each other on August 27. Independent Donald Dale Holifield will appear on the ballot in November.

Supervisor Beat 4

*David Scruggs: 2,078

*Andy Dial: 1,371

Independents Michael James and Bobby D. Barber will appear on the ballot in November. 

Supervisor Beat 5

*Travares K. Comegys: 655

*George A. Carmichael: 666

*Trey W. Chinn: 386

*Ernest Hollingsworth: 146

Carmichael and Comegys will vie for the Beat 5 Democratic nomination on August 27. Independent Chris Holifield will appear on the ballot in November. 

Justice Court Judge (District 1)

*Noel Rogers: 1,058

*C. Grant Hedgepeth: 2,012

*Glen Musgrove: 378

*Sonny Saul: 1,047

*Marian A. Allen (D): 898

Independent Larry Blakeney will appear on the ballot in November. 

Justice Court Judge (District 2)

*Billie J. Graham was unopposed. 

Justice Court Judge (District 3)

*Stacy Walls: 1,250

*David Lyons: 3,554

*Andre D. Cooley: 165

Constable (District 1)

*Mike Sumrall: 3,709

*Bill Smith: 720

Constable (District 2)

*Danny Gibson: 2,296

*Larry Strickland: 1,573

*Ly’Byron O. Jackson (D): 1,119

Constable (District 3)

*David Livingston: 3,905

*Mike Sims: 1,031

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