The Laurel Police Department Narcotics Division has kept the pressure on with recent drug busts. Last Friday was no different as the LPD executed a search warrant on 37-year-old William Bell of Jones County, seizing over $25,000 in cash, 192 grams of marijuana, three handguns, one assault rifle, MDMA pills, and other items.

“This was a good job with everyone involved in the bust,” said LPD Chief Tommy Cox. “They [Capt. Earl Reed and the CID] do a good job of keeping the pressure on people doing these things. These are his people, the CID and Narcotics force, that did such a good job to keep the pressure on. This won’t be the last one, I don’t know if it will be the same pile of money, because this is a little unusual with the money seized. Typically, when the pile of narcotics is smaller, the pile of money is larger.”

Bell is charged with one count of possession of MDMA while in possession of a firearm within 1,500 feet of a church, along with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm within 1,500 feet of a church. His bond was set Sunday at the Laurel Municipal Court at $5,000 on each charge.

Lt. Michael Reaves also spoke about the bust and what spurred them to ultimately issue the search warrant. “When something is going on like this, we get citizen complaints and we follow up on those complaints. Ultimately, what you see here are the results of that. We made a substantial seizure of cash, drugs, and weapons. That is not something we want in our neighborhood, so if we can get this out of there, we will strive to do it.”

“We have said it a million times, you don’t see retired drug dealers on the beach. You see them in prison or a cemetery somewhere. That is usually how it ends. Any time we can take this off the street, it is a positive for us,” added Reaves.

Reaves stated how important it is that if you see suspicious activity, to let someone know.

“We can’t be everywhere all the time. If you see suspicious activity, contact us. We want the information, not your name. If you don’t feel comfortable contacting us directly you can always go through Jones County Crimestoppers. If you have activity in your neighborhood, drug activity or any criminal activity, we ask that you give us a call. We will act on it. It may not be something you see instantaneous, but it doesn’t just fall on a back burner; it is there. Just because you don’t see us there does not mean we aren’t investigating it.”

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