Week 12 of the college and high school football season is here! In our annual pick-em battle, Co-Editors James Pugh and Kevan Lindsey face off against Buzz and Brian Jack.


James Pugh: 102-33

Kevan Lindsey: 102-33

Brian Jack: 96-39

Buzz Jack: 94-41

Wisconsin at Northwestern

Kevan Lindsey: Wisconsin

James Pugh: Wisconsin

Brian Jack: Wisconsin

Buzz Jack: Wisconsin

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

Kevan Lindsey: Oklahoma

James Pugh: Oklahoma

Brian Jack: Oklahoma

Buzz Jack: Oklahoma

LSU at Arkansas

Kevan Lindsey: LSU

James Pugh: LSU

Brian Jack: LSU

Buzz Jack: Arkansas

Tennessee at Auburn

Kevan Lindsey: Auburn

James Pugh: Auburn

Brian Jack: Auburn

Buzz Jack: Auburn

Mississippi State at Georgia

Kevan Lindsey: Georgia

James Pugh: Georgia

Brian Jack: Georgia

Buzz Jack: Georgia

UTSA at Southern Miss

Kevan Lindsey: UTSA

James Pugh: UTSA

Brian Jack: Southern Miss

Buzz Jack: Southern Miss

Stringer at Lumberton

Kevan Lindsey: Lumberton

James Pugh: Lumberton

Brian Jack: Lumberton

Buzz Jack: Lumberton

Union at Taylorsville

Kevan Lindsey: Taylorsville

James Pugh: Taylorsville

Brian Jack: Taylorsville

Buzz Jack: Taylorsville

West Jones at Laurel

Kevan Lindsey: West Jones

James Pugh: West Jones

Brian Jack: Laurel

Buzz Jack: West Jones

Magee at Raleigh

Kevan Lindsey: Magee

James Pugh: Raleigh

Brian Jack: Raleigh

Buzz Jack: Magee

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