Jeremy McMillan

An incident between Jones and Jasper County schools during a basketball game has resulted in one person being charged with Simple Assault and Disturbing the Peace by the Heidelberg Police Department.

During a cross-county basketball game between Northeast Jones and Heidelberg, words were exchanged between teams which lead to punches being thrown and fans in attendance leaving their seats, ultimately brawling on the court.

Jeremy McMillan, 41, was arrested and charged with Disturbing the Peace and Simple Assault in the aftermath of the brawl. As of now, no others were reportedly arrested.

Neither Jones nor Jasper County Superintendents have commented on the incident or disciplinary actions at this time.

This story will be updated if new information or comments from the Superintendents become available.


Jones County Superintendent Tommy Parker stated, "We believe the incident between the two players could have been handled by officials calling the contest." 

"I was glad to see after reviewing the video that the administration from the schools got the kids off of the floor and into the locker rooms where they could be safe. I was very proud to see that was a priority," stated Parker. 

"We are still investigating to make sure none of our students that we have control over were involved in anything else," said Parker. "We are also going to be communicating with the MHSAA as they have a copy of the video before they hand out any disciplinary issues to either or both teams."

Note that the video below contains violence and strong language.

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