The Lamar County School District released a statement notifying that Purvis Middle School recently had an outbreak in positive COVID-19 cases. Read the statement below. 

"The Lamar County School District (LCSD) takes the health and safety of students and staff very seriously. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCSD has relied on the MS Department of Health (MSDH) to provide guidance on how to provide the safest possible learning environment. We have taken every possible precaution including the continual contact tracing of every positive case and quarantining the necessary students and staff.

According to the MSDH an outbreak is defined as 3 or more positive cases of COVID-19 in a classroom or group within a 14 day period. Since last Wednesday we have experienced outbreaks of positive cases at Purvis Middle School, and because of these outbreaks we have to look at the MDHs School Dismissal Consideration guidelines. If a school experiences 3 or more simultaneous outbreaks from individual classroom settings, defined groups, or defined buildings, then the MSDH recommendation is to close the school for at least 14 days to interrupt the transmission of the virus.

Regretfully, at this time Purvis Middle School has exceeded the MSDH guidelines for school dismissal. Therefore, effective Monday, October 19th, all students at Purvis Middle School will transition to at home distance learning for 14 days. Students will be able to return to traditional learning on Monday, November 2nd. All extracurricular activities are canceled until Monday, November 2nd, and student attendance to any district extracurricular activity or event during this time is prohibited."

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