Two Montrose men have been arrested by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department on drug charges.

According to Jasper County Sheriff Randy Johnson, both Willie Jones, 59, and William Wheaton, 61, were taken into custody last Tuesday, June 18, while an arrest warrant was being served on Jones at his residence.

Jones was charged with three counts of sale of a controlled substance [marijuana, powder cocaine, and crack cocaine], as well as possession of marijuana. Wheaton was charged with possession of marijuana.

Johnson mentioned concerned citizen reports led to an investigation of Jones allegedly selling narcotics in the area. The department, on the day he was arrested, was serving an arrest warrant on the sale charges.

“We had received information that illegal drug activity was taking place up around his [Jones’] house and area on Highway 15 just south of Montrose. Some citizens were concerned about the traffic in the are and what might have been going on. We did some intel, and through good investigative work and help from the public, we were able to get three sale cases on him. Plus, he had a possession charge when we picked him up,” Johnson said.

Wheaton was with Jones, according to Johnson, at the time the arrest warrant was being served, and had marijuana in his possession, which led to his arrest.

Johnson went on to say although fighting drugs is a daily battle that seems never-ending, it is extremely important to stay on top of the dilemma. And, input from concerned citizens is crucial when it comes to the fight on drugs.

“If you see activity in your neighborhood that you think might be having something to do with illegal activity or illegal drugs, please call us. We will come out and check into it to see if there is any validity to it,” he explained. “With these arrests, at least we have got him [Jones] away from that community for a little while. Maybe it will be a deterrent for him not to come back and do this. The only problem is it seems like you get one out of the way, and two more come in to take that place. It’s just an ongoing battle that we are going to fight every day and continue to fight every day.”

Jasper County Justice Court Judge Marvin Jones set Jones’ bond last Wednesday at $15,000. Wheaton’s bond was set the same day at $500. Both men have been released from the Jasper County Jail on bond.

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