Local man jailed for trying to sell fake money - money

A Bay Springs man, William Buckley, is accused of trying to sell these two fake twenty dollar bills while applying for a job.

A Bay Springs man has been arrested for allegedly trying to sell counterfeit money while applying for a job.

According to Bay Springs Police Department Assistant Chief Eric Winfrey, William Buckley, 52, was taken into custody by the department last Friday, June 21. He was charged with “counterfeit instrument.”

Winfrey explained Buckley was applying for a job with a local Bay Springs company, Southern Industrial Contractors, and while filling out an application, Buckley allegedly offered to sell an employee two counterfeit twenty dollar bills. Buckley continued to fill out the employment application, and the employee notified management within the company. Management, in turn, contacted BSPD, and Buckley was stopped and arrested soon after leaving.

“He offered to sell the employee the two fake twenty dollar bills while he was filling out the job application in the break room. He [the employee] notified his boss, and they called us,” Winfrey said.

The charge Buckley faces is a felony Winfrey indicated.

Jasper County Justice Court Judge Marvin Jones set Buckley’s bond at $3,000. He has been released from the Jasper County Jail.

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