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Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee reads the commendations for Laurel Police Department Sgt. Mark Brewer, Officer John Windsor, Officer Brad Anderson and Officer Brian Hancock during the Laurel City Council meeting this week.

Four members of the Laurel Police Department were recognized this week for doing their job and helping to save a person’s life.

Sgt. Mark Brewer, Officer John Windsor, Officer Brad Anderson, and Officer Brian Hancock were recognized by Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee and the members of the Laurel City Council.

Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox said the officers “were just doing their job and it helped to save a person’s life.”

Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee said he wanted to recognize the men for their service and be presented the officers with certificates of commendation for their service.

The commendations are for an October 25, 2020 incident around 4:49 p.m. when the four officers and others from their shift responded to a gunshot victim at the intersection of Palmer Street and Brown Street.

“The victim was suffering from a single gunshot wound and an open pneumothorax (more commonly known as a sucking chest wound),” according to information from city officials. “The officers removed

the victim from his vehicle applied a clotting agent and covered the chest wound allowing him to breathe again.”

Magee said he viewed the video of the incident and “it was truly remarkable.”

Officials said the victim was transported to South Central Regional Medical Center for treatment and is now recuperating at home.

“Because of these officers’ tireless dedication, a citizen is alive today,” Magee said. “Officer Windsor, Brewer, Anderson, and Hancock are commended for a job well done. They performed a job of the highest quality and in keeping with the fine traditions of the Laurel Police Department and the law enforcement profession.”

Chief Cox said the officers “did outstanding work.”

The police chief said the officers had been trained well and they exhibited what they had been taught.

“It’s straight out of their training,” Cox said. “They did what they were trained to do.”

Cox said in the last six months, this is the third time that members of the Laurel Police Department have been recognized by city officials for performing good jobs.

“Sometimes when bad things happen, good things come out of it,” the police chief said. “It’s where the ‘protect and serve’ motto is really realized.”

Also this week, the council adopted an order approving travel for the City Clerk Mary Ann Hess to attend the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) 75th Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan

so that she may be recognized as the 2020 Quill Award Winner.

Hess said out of the organization’s 15,000 members, a maximum of three people is recognized for the honor.

“This honor is given to an outstanding clerk,” Hess said. “They can give it to no one or up to three people. It’s based on the applications.”

Hess told the council that she and a clerk from Arkansas are scheduled to be recognized for the award.

The conference is scheduled to be held in May.