Forrest County Jail Docket (September 6-9, 2019)

Amin Chirayu Dhruvesh, Prostitution

Bareilles Barbara Ranae, Poss. of C/S

Barnes Kendarica, Shoplifting, trespass

Bates Ryan Mason, Poss. of marijuana

Benn Lakydrique, Disorderly conduct, DUI, first offense, minor in poss. of alcohol

Benoit Andrea Paige, Poss. of methamphetamine

Bergeron Maria M, Domestic violence

Biel Amy Ann, Poss. of marijuana

Bryant Lindsey Rene, Poss. of paraphernalia, prescription drugs in motor vehicle

Cascio Samuel Blake, Exploitation of children

Caston Audian Leshae, Poss. of C/S

Cotton Elizabeth Owens, Public drunk

Daniels Lindsey Elizabeth, Exploitaton of children, sexual battery, touch for lustful purpose

Domingo Hudiel Gtegorio, Prostitution

Duncan Alex Wayne, Simple assault

Ellzey Michael Kentral, Poss. of C/S

Evans Claude Daniel, Vagrancy

Freeman Craig Dewayne, Custody orders

Freeman Edward William, Shoplifting

Freeman Heather Charlene, Poss. of C/S

Gobin Victor, Vagrancy, domestic abuse

Harris Anthony Fitzgerald, DUI, first offense

Hilton Armonzo Bernard, Drug court violation

Jackson Terry Demaris, Disorderly conduct

Jones Michael Wayne, Profanity, susp. D.L., run stop sign

Keys Terry T, Domestic violence

Lan Erliang, Shoplifting

McNease Greg, Shoplifting, DUI, first offense, poss. of marijuana, susp. D.L.

Mills Donal, Public drunk

Minor Fabeon Ah’Hem, Custody orders

Moore Toby Neal, Careless driving, DUI, second offense

Moore-Lucky Rose Elizabeth, Poss. of paraphernalia, no insurance, susp. D.L.

Murphy Jawone Deshad, Motor vehicle theft

Norwood Kenesha, Larceny, petit, simple assault

Owens Jacqueline, Shoplifting

Pearson Bobby Joe, Probation violation

Perkins Phillip Mark, Stalking

Peterson Kennon Howard, Prostitution

Pollock Ishemekia D, Disorderly conduct, DUI, child endangerment, DUI, first offense

Ratcliff James Edward, Poss. of C/S, poss. of paraphernalia

Scarbrough Adam Chase, Speeding, expired, no tag, no D.L.

Simmons Raffeal, Fugitive, other jurisdiction

Smith Ayonda Kay, Domestic violence

Smith Ivian, Custody orders

Stanley Christopher Alex, No insurance, DWLS

Swor Adam, Burglary

Temple Barry Jay, Touching for lustful purposes

Thompson Clarence, Disorderly conduct, drunk or profanity in public

Turner Michael Earl, Burglary, simple assault

Ware Derrick Lamont, DUI, first offense, no insurance, DWLS, speeding

Washington Tandra, Shoplifting

Watson Marcus Demond, Prostitution

Wedgeworth Lauren Ruth, No insurance

Williams Edward Ray, Prostitution

Williams Kenyia Roshae, Simple assault

Willis Jacob Iverson, Domestic violence

The following information has been obtained from records which are open for public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following named person and are not the final dispositions of the person. The Impact publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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