ellisville City park

Ellisville’s new city park that’s located near the city’s multipurpose center and public library.

ELLISVILLE – The newly established recreational facility in this Jones County town has been officially named the Ellisville City Park.

City officials said the name is obvious considering the location of the park.

For several months officials have been working to establish a park in the city for young children, and a park committee has been established. The committee includes two city alderpersons, the city clerk, city inspector, and a community representative.

The facility is being constructed in two phases and city officials recently announced that they have completed the first phase of the project. The first phase of the park includes a variety of equipment, which also includes some equipment designed for use by children in wheelchairs.

The park is located across from First Baptist Church at the corner of Bay Street and Church Street by the George Harrison Multipurpose Center and the Ellisville branch of the Laurel-Jones County Public Library.

Now that the first phase of the project is completed, officials wanted to name the facility and establish some guidelines for operation.

According to officials, Phase One of the park includes equipment designed for those five years of age and under.

The second phase of the project will include equipment designed for children six to 12 years of age.

The city has proposed several rules for the facility that includes the following:

No weapons allowed.

No pets of any kind allowed.

No rough play or bullying is permitted.

No glass containers allowed.

All litter is to be placed in the provided trash receptacles.

Residents will use the facility at their own risk.

No smoking or vaping allowed.

No loitering allowed.

All children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person at all times.

The facility is open for use from dawn to dark.

City Alderman Aaron Heidelberg said, “the park was designed and constructed for the smaller children, we just needed to have some rules.”

City officials said the facility is designed to be enjoyed by residents and they will continue to work on the project and monitor the facility and modify the rules, if necessary.

The second phase of the park is set to start construction soon.

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