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Standing in front of the Merchant Marine exhibit ServiceMaster owners Cindy Rentz, left, and Darren Rentz, right, presented a $520 to Jimmy Base, center, and the Veterans Memorial Museum in Laurel. Photo by Linda Cranford

ServiceMaster of Laurel owners Darren and Cindy Rentz recently gave the Veterans Memorial Museum in Laurel a check for $520 and are throwing the gauntlet down to other businesses and organizations in the Laurel-Jones County area to match or exceed their donation.

Rentz said he and Cindy wanted to thank everyone associated with the museum for their service to our country and hard work in keeping up the museum.

“We teach continuing education courses to agents and adjusters in the insurance industry,” explained Rentz. “In these classes we teach different things including water restoration, fire restoration, and ethics classes.  In these classes, they get credits for their state license renewal.”

Rentz said they came up with the idea to charge $20 for the class and donate that money to a local charity. Everyone attending the class knows the money will be given to a charity.

“Cindy and I take that money, and we match the amount from the class,” said Rentz. He said there were 13 in the last class, which amounted to $260 collected for the class.  He and Cindy matched the $260 and wrote a check to the museum for $520.

“That will go a long way in helping us,” exclaimed Jimmy Bass. “Every little bit helps!”

Bass said the money will go toward helping with the addition to the south end of the building.  Right now they are busting at the seams and are in great need of adding space.

“This is important,” said Cindy, talking about the history contained in the walls of the museum.

Bass expressed his desire to have more of the children in our local schools visit the museum and see hands-on the history of our country and particularly those who gave all from Laurel and Jones County.

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