Maplewood Dr Drugs and guns

Drugs, cash and guns seized by the Laurel Police Department on Maplewood Drive. Photo/Kevin Williamson

Laurel Police Department officers acted on information shared with them by citizens and arrested three people Tuesday afternoon in a drug bust at the Laurel Estates on Maplewood Drive. Zavion Dobbins, Deion Dobbins and Omar Dobbins were all arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and/or possession of a controlled substance. The suspects will go before a judge today (Thursday, October 3).

The officers executed a “no knock” search warrant just before 4 p.m. on October 1 and found 323 “X” pills, approximately 2.5 pounds of high-grade marijuana and four handguns. Some of the marijuana was in “bricks” and some had been sorted into smaller bags and carried a street value of $200-$300 per ounce. That’s according to LPD Sergeant Jake Driskell, who was part of the team that made the bust and who shared much of the information related to the incident.

The “X” pills are a blend of methamphetamine and caffeine and can sell for up to $2.50 per pill on the street. All of the pills and most of the marijuana were found in the common area of the house.

“There is no way for anyone in the house to not know what was going on,” said LPD Chief Tommy Cox.

The officers also confiscated $1,194.00 in cash and four handguns – two .40 calibers, a .22 and a .38. There was also a box discovered that an AR-15 came in, but the occupants of the house said the gun had been stolen.

“The guns are the exact reason we do the ‘no knock’ entry,” explained Driskell. “It gives us a surprise factor. It gives us a better chance.”

Law enforcement had been receiving tips about the drug activity at the house for several months, but the position of the apartment in the housing complex made it difficult for officers to do much effective surveillance. Eventually enough information was collected to allow authorities to request a search warrant of the dwelling. Cox said information channeled to his department by citizens is a big help in cases like this one.

“That’s why we encourage people to call in. Something that seems small may be just what we need in order to get a judge to sign a search warrant,” said the chief.

When the officers arrived on the scene and approached the house, a strong odor of marijuana was detected outside. The officers made their entrance and found one suspect lying on a couch in the common area with a pistol. The other three pistols were on a coffee table near him. Driskell said the suspects did not resist arrest.

“There was one guy in the kitchen; he screamed and threw his hands up. The other one on the couch had his hands up, and the rest were upstairs,” he recalled.

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