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The Laurel Police Department would like to warn the public of two scams currently being attempted in our area. LPD has received reports of a scam where the scammer initiates telephone contact with a citizen and informs them that they are about to be arrested for a warrant by LPD or other law enforcement agencies. The citizen is then asked for their personal information, directed to purchase a preloaded green dot credit card or wire money in the amount requested.  Once the scammer gets the code from the back of the card, they drain the money.

The scammers phone number may appear to be the LPD phone number. Citizens can call the number below to verify that they are not being sought by LPD. LPD does not do business in this manner, noted LPD Chief Tommy Cox. 

The second scam is the lottery scam. Citizens are instructed to send money in the ways described above so that they can receive their lottery winnings. This is also a scam. The LPD wants citizens to be aware of these scams to prevent them from falling prey to the scam, as it appears that they are currently calling numbers in our area.  For further information call LPD.  As always, any persons with information about criminal activity may contact LPD or Crime Stoppers at 601-428-STOP.   

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