South Jones saw three talented soccer standouts sign scholarships to play at the next level on Friday. 

Late Friday morning, Lady Braves senior captain Mellee Diers signed with East Central Community College inside the Media Center on the campus of South Jones in front of family, friends, teammates, coaches, and administrators.

Later in the afternoon, Parker Morgan and Gustavo Grimaldo signed their NLI’s with Southwest Community College and Jones College, respectively. 

Here is what the signee’s had to say.

Mellee Diers: “I’m very thankful to everyone who came to my signing today. I’m excited for the opportunity to be playing at the next level. I’m excited to be join East Central’s program and to play for Coach [Ryan] Joiner.

“I like the way Coach Joiner runs the program there. The campus is very nice too.”

Parker Morgan: “I’m excited to go play with my new teammates and try and win a championship. Southwest felt right for me because a lot of my friends play there. I’m excited to start my time there.”

Gustavo Grimaldo: “I’m a little nervous to be honest,” said Gustavo Grimaldo. “Going to play at Jones College is a big step for me. I’m excited to meet my teammates, playing at the next level, and progressing more as a soccer player. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me.”

Here is what the signee’s coaches had to say.

“Diers has played for us since her seventh grade year,” said Lady Braves coach Acie Hamilton. “She’s a great leader on and off the field. She always puts in the work and effort and gets the job done for us. We’re happy to see what she’s going to do at East Central.”

“Parker always had big shoe to fill,” said Braves coach Lucas Gleason. “His brother [Dalton Morgan] came through our program several years ago and still holds the record for goals scored at South Jones. Parker played in the shadow of Dalton, but I would always tell him that he just had to be himself and play his game. Over the past several years, he’s grown into that right-back role. He’s our speed on the back line. He’s a guy that can keep up with whoever he plays.

“Over the past year, his game has developed tremendously. He’s also a high character kid. He comes to work everyday and brings his best game.”

“Grimaldo is one of those guys who’s spirit is uplifting,” said Braves coach Lucas Gleason. “He’s never down about anything. Whether someone is up or down, he’s the guy that’s always steady. He works hard every day and he helps teach and lead the younger guys. He doesn’t shy away from that leadership role.

“Grimaldo is a five-year starter. We’re going to be losing a lot with him. Both his play and character are very good.”