Ribbon cutting at Premier Sports Bar and Grill in Laurel.

Natasha Page, and her husband Ricci Page, have been through a lot over the past three months in dealing with their business Premier Sports Bar and Grill, and the tragic death of their son, Bryce’ston Page.

With help from family and the community around them, they are now reopened for business.

“The last three months have been challenging,” said Natasha. “We went through a lot, to begin with. We initially closed on June 6 because of all the flooding from the backed-up sewage water. Then on August 24, we lost our son [Bryce’ston Page] in a motorcycle crash. So, it’s been a challenging three months.

Premier Sports Bar & Grill was scheduled to reopen on September 23, but as Page said, things didn’t go as planned.

“I told my husband we have to make this happen soon,” added Natasha.

Four days later, on Monday, September 27, Laurel’s new bar and grill reopened.

“The community came out and supported us,” said Natasha. “It’s been overwhelming. We asked that the community continue to keep us in your prayers.”

“This helps us to stay busy,” added Natasha. “We’re just glad to be back.”

Their journey from here to now started back in 2015 when Natasha and her husband Ricci purchased Premier Sports Bar and Grill’s location on Old Highway 11.

“We were established in 2016, but we bought the property in 2016,” said Page. “We looked for a location for nearly three years. We put in two or three different bids on this location before we were able to get it. The dream was always to have a neighborhood Sports Bar and Grill.”

Premier is not like every other Sports Bar and Grill. Family and kids are more than welcome.

“We’re a full bar and grill, but it’s also kid-friendly,” said Natasha. “People can bring in their kids here all the time.”

Family is woven in not only the atmosphere at Premier Sports Bar and Grill but also in the community Natasha is used to.

“I’m big on family,” said Natasha. “So, we want to have a family atmosphere here. People often ask us, ‘can kids come here,’ and we say yes. We want this place to be kid-friendly. We target everybody, college-age, old, young, black, and white. We want everyone to feel welcome.”

Family is also ingrained in the structure of Natasha and Ricci’s business.

“My husband works here, so do our kids, my mother-in-law and my father-in-law,” said Natasha. “It’s a family business.”

Premier Sports Bar and Grill will also feature Trivia Nights again, with the addition of Karaoke Nights.

“We hope to bring back Trivia Night in late November,” said Natasha. “And the first of December, we plan to start a Karaoke Night. Trivia Night will be on Tuesday’s and Karaoke Night will be on Thursdays.”

Natasha and her husband Ricci recently acquired the old Yamaha building across the street.

“We plan to make it a venue and rent it out for weddings, parties, and other events,” added Page. “It will be up and ready on December 1.”

After the tragic death of their son Bryce’ston, Natasha and Ricci transformed a former lounge room into a memorabilia room featuring pictures of Bryce’ston.

“This used to be a lounge area, but now it’s a memorabilia room dedicated to our son Bryce’ston,” said Natasha. “It’s a way to honor his life.”

Premier Sports Bar and Grill is also looking to add a location in Hattiesburg.

Premier Sports Bar and Grill is open seven days a week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m, Thursday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday are from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

“Everything is prepared to order,” said Natasha. “We also do to-go orders. We also do DoorDash.”