Johnny Abercrombie - shown in handcuffs - standing beside pickup truck. Also pictured in foreground is JCSD Sergeant J.D. Carter - in background left to right is JCSD Deputy Howard Chandler and JCSD Deputy Denny Graham.

An alerted resident provided a tip which led to the arrests of two individuals by the Jones County Sheriff's Department at a convenience store on Ellisville Blvd. in Laurel Thursday morning, according to officials.

Kenneth Tuggle and Johnny Abercrombie were both arrested and charged with multiple catalytic converter thefts and Malicious Mischief. In addition, Kenneth Tuggle was also charged with Burglary.

Jones County Sheriff's Department Investigators and deputies converged on the pair while they were stopped and fueling the pickup they were driving. The pickup had three catalytic converters that had been cut off of vehicles hidden in a toolbox.

JCSD Sergeant J.D. Carter and Investigator Jardian McDonald were on scene with deputies to make the arrests.

The investigation into these individuals continues according tot he press release

Sgt. Carter stated that the stolen catalytic converters are selling for $300 to $400 at some scrapyards. .