Rowell:Stringer .jpg

Timothy Rowell (left) and Kelly Stringer (right).

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, two residents have attempted their best imitation of Bonnie and Clyde, leading the Jones County Sheriff’s Department and other departments in pursuit of them for several days. However, the Jones County Sheriff’s Department nabbed the alleged suspects with both being arrested and charged for crimes.

Kelly Stringer, 22, and Timothy Rowell, 33, have both been arrested and charged for various crimes which started earlier this month, according to Sgt. J.D. Carter.

“We initially received a call on I believe the 11th of June that on Gator Farm Road in the Landrum Community of a stolen vehicle,” said Carter. “Kelly Stringer and Timothy Rowell were both listed as the suspects, and they were entered into our database with the vehicle listed as stolen. Later that night, the Petal Police Department pulled them over and had an incident with Timothy where they ended up tasing him.”

“Our deputies went down there and picked them up. One admitted to ingesting narcotics [Rowell], and the other [Stringer] admitted to having narcotics ‘in her,’” continued Carter. “For precautions of the narcotics bursting, they were taken to South Central Regional Medical Center and treated there. Kelly was treated and released where we took her back into custody.”

Kelly was then placed on bond after her court appearance, stated Carter.

Unfortunately, the couple did not stop there, continuing to allegedly commit crimes days later according to Carter.

“Kelly was interviewed and had her bond set. She bonded out on a felony charge of Grand Larceny. On the 17th, we got a call on Sheppard Drive in the Pendorff Community of a burglary at Kelly’s grandmother’s house. There were eyewitness reports of both her and Rowell inside the house. They ended up leaving the property and another warrant was issued.”

“Sunday, we happened to get a call that they were at a hotel in Hattiesburg,” said Carter. “The Hattiesburg Police Department went to the location and found Timothy at the hotel where he was then arrested.”

Rowell made his initial appearance in court and was handed out a $5,000 bond on multiple charges.

Stringer’s charges have been a bit more tricky per Carter since she was already released on a bond from previous charges, then committed the recent crime. Her new bond for the alleged burglary was set at $25,000 according to the Jones County Sheriff's Department inmate roster website. 

“Kelly was already on a bond for the felony of stealing a motor vehicle. Since there is a new charge that happened while she was out on bond, by law, if the new charge carries more than five years, the state law says that the judge has to revoke the previous bond,” stated Carter. “Timothy wasn’t revoked because he had yet to be picked up on the previous charge.”