After nearly four hours of waiting after polls closed, candidates for the Ward races and the Laurel Mayor race reached a conclusion.

City of Laurel Primary Election Results:

Laurel Mayor - Democrat

Horace Cochran III - 95

Stacy Comegys - 1008

Johnny Magee - 1304

Laurel City Council Ward 1 – Democrat

Ernest Hollingsworth - 202

Vincent Merrill - 66

Laurel City Council Ward 2 – Republican

Kevin Kelly - 130

Doyle Anthony Wheat - 71

Laurel City Council Ward 4 – Democrat

George Carmichael (Incumbent) - 210

Omeria Scott - 179

Laurel City Council Ward 5 – Democrat

Andrea Ellis - 204

Joe Porter Sr. - 170

Laurel City Council Ward 6 – Democrat

Grace Amos (Incumbent) - 221

Felix Fenderson - 51

Laurel City Council Ward 7 – Democrat

Shirley Keys-Jordan - 193

Anthony Paul Page (Incumbent) - 164

(Absentee ballots have yet to be added)

Ellisville Primary Election Results:

Ellisville Board of Aldermen Ward 3 - Democrat

Aaron Heidelberg (Incumbent)- 78

Darrius Combest - 50

Ellisville Alderman-at-large - Republican

Ola Mitchell (Incumbent) - 107

Leon Henderson Jr. - 47

Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee was also thankful to everyone who showed support during the campaign. See the video link below to hear his comments, and subscribe to Impact601's YouTube page for more videos. 

Mayor Magee's comments:

Additionally, Ward 6 Councilwoman Grace Amos had many thanks to voters, with eyes also towards the future. 

"During my campaign, I enjoyed getting out and working with my constituents in Ward 6. They supported me in my last election and they came out today to re-elect me. I am excited to work with our newly elected City Council. There is much work to be done in the city of Laurel. I believe that the seven City Council members can come together and form a master plan to enhance the city of Laurel."