Discussion Panel members Pictured left to right: Denita Griffith, General Counsel, MS Department of Public Safety, Kathryn Newman, Assistant District Attorney, Rankin County, Nicholas Russell, Senior Inspector, U. S. Marshals Service, Wesley Waites, Investigator, Jones County Sheriff’s Department, Megan Costilow, Director, Mississippi Sex Offender Registry - MS Department of Public Safety

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department was recently recognized by the Director of the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry as having one of the best sex offender compliance rates in the state.

JCSD Investigator Wesley Waites, attending the Sex Offender Registration and Compliance Annual Symposium held in Flowood last week, was recognized for his work in keeping Jones County's 123 sex offenders in compliance with all required laws and rules. In fact, out of 123 sex offenders residing in the county, all but one are in compliance and that person has moved to California. The U.S. Marshals are on his trail now attempting to locate him.

"Investigator Wesley Waites does everything right and the Jones County Sheriff’s Department has a nearly perfect compliance rate. The only reason it's not perfect is because one of their sex offenders is now in California," notes Megan Costilow, J.D., Director of the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry.

Investigator Waites was selected to speak as part of a panel discussion during the symposium to the over 250 attendees representing law enforcement, courts, and other agencies from across Mississippi.

Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin notes, "We are pleased to be recognized as having one of the highest sex offender compliance rates in Mississippi. That accomplishment does not happen by accident. Investigator Wesley Waites is tough as nails and makes it his mission each and every day to ensure compliance. These sex offenders know without a doubt that Investigator Waites is not one to mess with or test limits."

Residents may view the list of sex offenders residing in Jones County by visiting https://www.jonesso.com/sex_offenders.php.