Left to right: Agent Jardian McDonald, Agent Joel Brogan, Sgt. Jake Driskell.

An estimated $9,000 worth of methamphetamines along with guns were pulled off the streets at the stroke of midnight by the Jones County Narcotics Division in the Moselle community.

“Just before midnight, the Jones County Sheriff’s Department’s Narcotic Division along with the Patrol Division executed a search warrant at 222 Creel Road in the Moselle area,” said Sgt. Jake Driskell. “The primary target was Jerome “Justin” Boe. He popped up on the radar a couple of weeks ago as a big-time dealer of methamphetamine. It just so happened that last night when we went to execute the search warrant, he was pulling into his driveway.”

Sgt. Driskell noted that after apprehending Boe, they then searched the premises.

“We went ahead and took him down at the driveway, then continued with the search warrant. We located 8.25 ounces [half a pound] of methamphetamine with a street value of around $9,000, along with a few guns. There were two rifles and a Glock pistol inside the residence,” explained Sgt. Driskell.

“There was another guy who was also with him that will also be charged,” continued Sgt. Driskell. “His name is Gary Carter, I believe he goes by Chip Carter. We are not sure what he will be charged with yet. He could be charged with what Boe is charged with, or could have an accessory charge against him.”

Sgt. Driskell stated during the press conference that Boe will be looking at an Aggravated Trafficking charge.

“The charge [Aggravated Trafficking] carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years. Anything over 200 grams is considered Aggravated Trafficking. What he had was 234 grams, so obviously, that more than meets the threshold for the charge. This is not a low-level dealer. This is a lot of meth. Most people buy a gram to three and a half grams at a time for personal use. If you take this and divide it by three and a half, or what the streets would refer to it as an eight-ball, you’re looking at $9,000 to $10,000 worth of street value.”

Methamphetamine prices have skyrocketed on the street due to COVID-19 and the borders being shut down during the pandemic according to Sgt. Driskell.

“Pre-Covid, methamphetamine flooded the market. We were seeing eight-balls of meth going anywhere from $65 to 75 dollars. When the borders shut down, meth became harder to get and the price went up to $250 to $300 for an eight-ball. We are now seeing that come back down since the country has started to open back up a bit. The prices are coming back down, but the price right now is averaging $130 to $150 and eight-ball.”

Boe reportedly threw the bag of meth in the yard before he was apprehended in hopes of hiding it from the narcotics team.

“We found the drugs in the yard. It appeared Boe was opening the gate to his residence and when we pulled up he was able to throw it into the yard, but we recovered it. With any search we do, we search the area along with the vehicles, houses, and things around the premises. We found it a few feet away from where he was standing.”

Sgt. Driskell commended Sheriff Joe Berlin for his support of the work the Narcotics Division puts in each day.

“Sheriff Berlin encourages us to keep going after these people each day,” said Sgt. Driskell. “It doesn’t matter how many hours we have to put in, he tells us to go after them and keeps pushing us forward. His support is greatly appreciated.”

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