Laurel Police Department Officer Raven Naylor is recognized Wednesday and shakes Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee's hand.

History has been made at the Laurel Police Department as Officer Raven Naylor became the first female in the department’s history to be accepted into the SRT program. She was recognized for her accomplishment at the Laurel City Council Wednesday afternoon.

“Officer Raven Naylor completed the Laurel Police Department’s SRT - Special Response Team - rigorous selection process, becoming a member of the team. The SRT is Laurel Police Department’s version of what is more commonly known as SWAT,” said Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox.

“Upon acceptance into the SRT program, Officer Naylor became the first female member of the SRT in Laurel Police Department’s history. This accomplishment is the mark of the beginning of a promising career at the LPD,” continued Cox.

Naylor, who has been with the force for less than a year, has excelled throughout her time as an officer, and throughout the training process as she won the top physical fitness award from the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute upon graduation.

“I feel great,” said Naylor. “I feel rewarded. It was tough, but I got through it. Hopefully, I’m inspiring other women to join the force. We need more women.”

Certificates of commendations are given to those who reflect the high standards set forth by the Laurel Police Department and the city of Laurel.

“Raven seems to be a hard worker,” added Cox. “She works by volunteering for extra duty, and she’s a worker when she is out on patrol. By the time they are done with the selection process, they are worn out. But she did a good job getting on the team and we expect her to do well while she is on the team. She has been nothing but great since we have hired her. A lot of our other officers do well, but she is kind of blazing the trail with several things like winning the PT award, and now getting on the SRT team, so we want to make sure she is recognized.”