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Broderick Hall (left), Demesha Jones (middle), and Curtis “Champ” Russell (right) were introduced Tuesday evening. 

A new era of Heidelberg basketball is in place as Broderick Hall was introduced as girl’s head basketball coach Tuesday evening alongside Curtis “Champ” Russell who was introduced as boy’s head basketball coach.

Hall served as head basketball coach at Southeastern Baptist College men’s basketball coach prior to accepting the Oilers girl’s basketball position.

“I started at Laurel Christian School for two years,” said Hall. “From there, I went to Southeastern Baptist College for two years. We won two championships there, including the NIT National Championship. We won our Region Championship while finishing number 10 overall in Division-3 basketball.”

“Heidelberg has such a rich history with sports, especially with basketball,” added Hall.

“I’m looking forward to bringing that back and to having those championship aspirations. We know that comes with hard work, so we are excited to get started. We couldn’t be in a better place to start it,” said Hall.

Russell served throughout Wayne County before taking the Oilers boy’s basketball position.

“I started coaching in 2007,” said Russell. “I started at Beat Four Elementary School where I coached the girl’s basketball team for two years there. I picked up the girls along with the boys and coached track while helping at the high school with coach Gina Skelton where we won the State Championship there.”

“After I left there, I went to Wayne Academy and coached for three years. I coached girl’s basketball and also coached track while assisting on the boy’s basketball team. I’ve also coached 20 years of travel and rec basketball. I love seeing kids progress,” added Russell.

Demesha Jones will also serve on staff as an assistant coach to Hall.

“I graduated from Hattiesburg High School in 2009 and played there, then I went to Jones College where we played for a championship there. I received my Bachelor’s Degree at William Carey and am getting my Master’s Degree from Jackson State, said Jones. “I’ve been teaching here at Heidelberg for a year at the elementary level where I teach science and social studies. This is my first year with the girls and I’m excited to get in the gym and to get to work with them. I’m looking forward to getting them where they are supposed to be and hopefully winning championships.”