Ellisville Mayor Lynn Buckhaults talks to members of the Ellisville Board of Aldermen about city matters during the city’s meeting on Tuesday night at Ellisville City Hall.

ELLISVILLE – On Tuesday night, the board agreed to handle some matters for the Ellisville Fire Department and discussed several city matters.

The board agreed to approve allow the fire chief to submit application for purchasing State Forestry Commission surplus items.

Mayor Lynn Buckhaults said the goal of the city is to upgrade items for the fire department.

Among the things being looked at is a one-ton bush truck, a rescue truck and an extrication equipment.

“We want give our firefighters more equipment to work with,” the mayor told the board. “We will be adding these items to the fleet if they become available.”

Board members approved the effort.

Additionally, the board agreed to approve the hiring of Joey Collins as one of the city’s certified part-time firefighters. The mayor said Collins had been a part-time firefighter for the city before.

Also, Ellisville officials are continuing to encourage residents to use precautions and follow the recommended safety tips of health officials during this ongoing Cornavirus Crisis.

In August, the members of the Ellisville Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to approve closing certain lobbies in city buildings due to the rising concern of the virus.

Buckhaults said several officials and employees had expressed concern to him regarding contact in public places in the city.

Following a brief discussion, the board of aldermen agreed to close the lobby at City Hall and the police department for in-person services.

Officials said the decision to limit in-person service is being made with the safety of employees and the residents in mind.

In August when the initial decision was made, officials said they would review the matter at each of their meetings and make a determination as to whether to continue the limited accessibility or not.

During their meeting on Tuesday, the aldermen voted again to continue to limit in-person activity at city offices.

The mayor said residents are still receiving all city services. However, they are being encouraged to use the telephone service and to call city hall and city offices. Also, drop box services remain available.

Officials said the board of aldermen will review the issue again at its next meeting.

In other business, the board discussed several matters, including activities around town.

Michelle Anderson-Jones with the Laurel-Jones County Library gave city officials an update of activities and plans being made at the local library.

Anderson-Jones said the library’s Ellisville branch will be hosting a Big Book Sale on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Everyone is invited to come to the library and to take part in the book sale and to discover the services being made available to all Jones County residents.

Also, a representative of Suez, which recently took over the city’s water and sewer operation, updated the board on the various work being done in the City of Ellisville.