Ashli Hernandez asks the members of the Ellisville Board of Aldermen to approve some

upcoming activities in the city of Ellisville during the board of aldermen meeting Tuesday at the Ellisville City Hall.

The City of Ellisville is receiving more and more request for activities, which are showing signs that the city is opening up more.

In April, officials in this Jones County municipality began lessening some of its COVID-19 restrictions that the Ellisville Board of Aldermen had enacted in November 2020. Those restrictions were to limit the use of the city’s community building during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, city officials cancelled several traditionally and annual events that would not promote social distancing in consideration of the ongoing health crisis.

However, in April, Ellisville Mayor Lynn Buckhaults and the Board of Aldermen approved some items that allowed several community events to take place in Downtown Ellisville. Following Jones County’s decision to open up its community centers, the Ellisville board officially reopened the city’s multi-purpose building for use on May 1.

Additionally, the board heard several requests for permits on Tuesday to conduct events in the city during the upcoming months.

This week, the board received several requests for events including a Back-to-School Bash, a movie night, parades and the city’s annual Trunk a Treat.

Ashli Hernandez said the city had two movie nights during the Farmer’s Market that were rained out and that organizers would like to play one of those movies as part of a Back-to-School Movie.

Also, David McGowin with Ellisville First Methodist Church, asked for permission to do a Back-to-School Bash on August 1 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Additionally, Jennifer Robinson with South Jones High School said the parade is being planned for Friday, August 6, which is the first day of school. She said no floats would be involved. It would only be seniors in cars. She also asked for assistance from the Ellisville Police Department in handling this event.

Also, she asked permission on behalf of the South Jones Bravettes to conduct their annual hamburger sale in September in the Community Bank Parking lot, if allowed. She said the event would be the same night as the school’s homecoming parade, which is tentatively set for Sept. 9.

The board approved both requests.

Additionally, Rita Sumrall asked the board for permission to begin preliminary plans for the city’s Annual Trunk or Treat Event. She said the event, which had to be modified last year due to COVID-19, will hopefully return back to its normal operations where people will be allowed to come out and walk downtown and enjoy the annual event.

“We are planning early with hopes of getting more people involved,” Sumrall said.

She said the event is being planned for Saturday, October 30, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. near Front Street.

The board gave preliminary approval and said they would research the requested street closures. Organizers said the events are designed to provide services to the community.

Several of the members of the groups requesting permits said they were happy to be able to offer annual events to the community again.

The board approved all the events.

Mayor Buckhaults said he is pleased that these groups are considering “doing things in the city.”

He encouraged them to continue to promote the community.

In other business, the board approved a resignation from a city employee, approved several city matters concerning the city’s ongoing downtown improvement project and agreed to allow city officials to begin negotiations concerning refinancing a sewer loan in an effort to possibly lower the rate and save the city money.