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Ellisville Mayor Lynn Buckhaults talks to members of the Ellisville Board of Aldermen about city matters during the city’s meeting on Tuesday night at Ellisville City Hall.

The Ellisville Board of Aldermen addressed several city issues and handled some personnel matters during its meeting this week.

With some discussion, the board agreed to approve a water adjustment to the water bill of Reva Kitchens due to a water leak. The board approved a $99.54 adjustment to the water user. The resident made a formal request at the meeting for the adjustment and the board of aldermen approved the resident’s adjustment under the city’s water leak adjustment policy, which went into effect in June 2019.

Mayor Buckhaults said the policy allows the city to handle these matters uniformly.

“Some rural water associations don’t adjust and some do,” the mayor said. “State law dictates we can’t give away water.”

Based on the formula approved, city officials said the property owner would be given some relief but the city cannot take on the full amount because the city has already incurred some cost involving water production and treatment.

Buckhaults said according to an Attorney General’s opinion, “anytime you adjust a water bill it has to come before the board.”

The resident came before the board this week and asked for the adjustment on an unusually-high water bill. She said she rents and had not noticed any water leaking but the bill more than doubled. They later discovered the leak and fixed it. The board of aldermen approved the adjustment.

Officials said under the policy, only one adjustment is allowed per account in a five-year period.

Also Tuesday night, the board voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Jonathan Sherman from the Ellisville Fire Department. According to officials, the resignation would become effective immediately.

In other business, the board discussed several matters, including activities around town.

The board also agreed to hire someone to maintain the flower beds around the municipality at a cost of approximately $5,000 a year. The city also agreed to use some of the city-allocated library funds for the upkeep of the flower beds at the local library.

The city clerk also presented the summation of expenditures and for the month of August.

Additionally, the board also authorized the city clerk to advertise for the city depository for 2022-2023.

The board also approved the bad debt utility accounts list and agreed to send letters for collection. The aldermen also approved the roll of insolvent and delinquent 2020 personal property taxes.

Also, a representative of Suez, which recently took over the city’s water and sewer operation, was in attendance to address with the board any work being done in the City of Ellisville.