Laurel City Council

Members of the Laurel City Council handle business during the council’s meeting at Laurel City Hall on Tuesday evening.

The Laurel City Council approved an ordinance this week to close an alley in the Ingrams Third Additions, Blocks D and E, and handle some other city matters during its meeting on Tuesday at Laurel City Hall.

With a 5-0 vote (Councilman Anthony Page was absent and reported being sick and Councilman Stacy Comegys was not in attendance at the meeting), the council agreed to abandon a portion of the land described as an alley located on the westerly boundary lines of Lots 1-5 and Lots 1-7 and 8 and the easterly boundary lines of Lots 6-10 and 9-16 of blocks D and E of the Ingram Third Addition to the city.

According to city documents, the alley is approximately 10 feet by 630 feet in size, being 6,300 square feet.

In the ordinance, city officials said the parcel is not being used or maintained by the city as an alley or for any municipal purpose. Also, all properties on both sides of the alley are owned by private citizens,

except for Block E Lot 16, which is owned by the State of Mississippi.

The alley to be abandoned shall revert to the property owners on each side of the alley,” according to city documents. “Abandoning and vacating the property would be beneficial to the adjacent property owners and would not affect the city of Laurel in any of its municipal functions.”

The first reading of the ordinance was done on December 22, 2020, and Tuesday’s reading was the second and final reading of the ordinance.

Also Tuesday, city council members discussed the need for the city to better inform residents concerning changes with public service. Councilman George Carmichael reported receiving a call concerning the lack of publicity concerning the city’s new garbage collection schedule.

The city this week began a contract with a new provider, Waste Pro, and the schedule for garbage pickup within the city has changed. However, some residents said they did not receive notice of the changes.

Councilwoman Grace Amos suggested that the administration do more public service announcements concerning the changes. Council president Tony Thaxton said the matter would be referred to the administration for more consideration.

In a separate matter, the council also set February 2, 2021, as the public hearing date for two pieces of properties in the city to determine whether or not the properties are in such a state of uncleanliness to be a menace to the public health and safety of the community.

Public hearings were set to determine “overgrown property status” at Etta Mcintosh’s property at 2228 North First Avenue in Ward Four and James Wash’s property at 907 South Seventh Avenue in Ward Six.

In a separate matter, the council adopted a resolution and conducted a public hearing in regards to a property located at 16 Carney Drive belonging to Ether and Wiley Hardison Jr. to determine whether or not the property is in such a state of uncleanliness to be a menace to the public health and safety of the community. The property is located in Ward Seven.

Also, the council conducted first readings for two city ordinances regarding changes in the city’s polling places and ward lines.

The council also approved its claims docket for the month.