Card skimmer found on gas pump at 4th Street Exxon

The Hattiesburg Police Department found and removed a card skimmer on a gas pump at the 4th Street Exxon.

Hattiesburg drivers are being warned about someone stealing their credit card information at a Hub City service station.

The Hattiesburg Police Department said a card skimmer was found on a gas pump at the Exxon service station in the 3700 block of West Fourth Street on Wednesday afternoon. Hattiesburg Police seized the skimmer.

A skimmer is an illegal device attached to an ATM or gas pump and secretly swipes credit and debit card information when customers slip their cards into the machines or gas pumps. Part of the device sometimes extends a bit further out than usual at the card slot.

Skimmers have been around for years, but thieves are continually improving them, according to a national security expert.

The Hattiesburg Police wanted to make the public aware to check your transactions on accounts and be aware that information can be compromised.

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