Big, bright, bold words can be seen by travelers inside the Laurel, Miss., city limits on Interstate 59 that read: “God Bless the USA.”

Not far from those words one can find Hellfighters USA, an authentic, All-American, Christian motorcycle shop tucked on the periphery of downtown Laurel.

Harley bikes and Jeeps line the outskirts of the property. PDI’s, one of the city’s best burger joints, is located across the street.

Bright, cheerful letters guide visitors to parking spaces compete with a landscape full of native plants, beautifully arranged to bloom and add life to the outside of the Hellfighters USA building.

The 83,038 square feet of the Hellfighters USA facility is home to a showroom, service and restoration department, motorcycle museum, Rattle Snake Jake’s Eatin’ Place (opening in September, Good Lord willing), Allison Chapel, the Stitching Post, Green Room, Hog Barn, and Armory. Rattle Snake Jake’s Eatin Place, by the way, will feature some of the absolute best steak, ribs, and tamales west of the Mississippi River. So, remember to check it out come fall.

The Hellfighters USA building was originally built in 1935. It was brought back to life by the tireless efforts of over 100 courageous men who came to the Mission At The Cross to get their lives and families back, learn a trade, meet Jesus and re-enter society prepared to face the future with confidence.

The men were guided by the organizational skills of Steve Sherwin and Mike Shirley, the engineering skills of Randy Lewis, the artistry of Terry “Buzz” Busbea, the direction of five master craftsmen (Marvin Gavin, Brett Evans, Jeffery Stewart, Graham Reeves and Robby Schmidt), and the creativity, vision and desire of Richard and Gina Headrick to help those who are hurting.

Once in the doors of Hellfighters USA, the warm feeling of joy, faith, cheer, adventure, and wonder are present. The showroom is glistening with an array of “Born Again” motorcycles and Jeeps. “Born Again” simply means that most of them have had a varying degree of cosmetic damage from a previous life on the road and have been properly restored and are now ready for the next chapter of travel.

The beautiful showroom offers a unique feel good shopping experience. Hellfighters USA gives guests the opportunity to browse riding gear, apparel, jewelry, decor, gifts and all sorts of other stuff scattered throughout the showroom.

All the profits made off the sale of any motorcycle, Jeep, off-road vehicle, golf cart, parts accessory, T-shirt, Bible, patch, jacket, Coke or whatever else is sold at Hellfighters USA, goes directly to fund the Mission at the Cross Ministry, where men’s lives are being restored one at a time. Mission at the Cross operates under the abiding principle of love for our fellow man and the desire to share God’s love with each and every person encountered. The Mission At The Cross Ministry is unique and ever expanding as we witness God at work.

And we must say a bit more about the chapel. Everybody hurts and there’s no greater place of solitude and serenity than a church or a chapel. Richard and Gina Headrick saw a similar chapel by the side of the road in Wyoming many years ago. They stopped, went inside, meditated a while, and vowed to build one just like it so that others can also find sanctuary when the need arises.

Should you have a situation that exists in your life where depression, despair, chaos, heartache, or the cares of the world have just beaten you down, why not spend a little time with Jesus in the chapel? It’s there inside when you need it – just go on in, it’s yours. Should you need someone to pray with you while you’re visiting the chapel, feel free to ask any staff member, and they will be most happy to pray with you.

The folks you’ll meet at Hellfighters USA love to tell the truth, go to church, read their Bibles, pray to the good Lord above, love their spouses, play with their kids, work hard and deal fairly.

Hellfighters USA was constructed from an extraordinary vision, and by the strength from the LORD, Richard and Gina Headrick, along with staff and supporters and the men from Mission At The Cross, were able to celebrate the Grand Opening and annual Freedom Ride earlier this month on May 4.

“Thank you to all of the many people who have been such an incredible part of this journey over the past three-plus years of bringing an 84-year-old garment factory in Laurel, Mississippi, back to life. And thank you, Jesus, who makes old things new,” said Gina Headrick. “This old building, originally Reliance, is very special to me. My mom and dad met while working there as teenagers sewing clothes, and they dated on my daddy’s Harley. This building is even more special because of the hundreds of men who discovered and utilized their God-given talents while at Mission At The Cross and helped make this dream a reality. The fingerprints of each one are forever in this old building and forever in our hearts. We are grateful for each and every one of you!”

Hellfighters USA is located at 325 South Magnolia Street, Laurel, Mississippi. For more information contact Hellfighters USA at 601-342-2732 or discover the Hellfighters on social media.

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