Ainsworth Dustin, Probation violation

Anderson Nemiah, Malicious mischief, domestic violence

Anderson Tyler, Domestic violence

Armstrong Sawyer Thomas, Open beer container

Booth Jonathan Roosevelt, Disorderly conduct, resisting, obstructing arrest

Breshears Connie, No proof of liability insurance, DWLS

Davis Ricky, Assault, simple, public drunk

Deakles Samantha Berry, Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

Drake Anthony T, Motor vehicle theft, larceny, grand

Edwards Maurice, Poss. of weapon by convicted felon, DUI, first offense

Freal Jeffrey Terrell, Disorderly conduct

Grissett Kenneth Michael, Poss. of paraphernalia

Hall Jeramey Lee, Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

Harris Donaven DeShawn, Custody orders

Harrison Kenneth Wayne, Disorderly conduct, drunk or profanity in public, resisting, obstructing arrest

Hawkins Paris, Probation violation

Henry James Maurice, Poss. of paraphernalia

Hess Richard Ty, Probation violation

Hill Scottie, DUI, first offense, susp. D.L., no insurance

Holliman Jimmy Cecil Jr., Disorderly conduct, careless driving, resisting arrest, improper lane change, use

Hollimon Raymarcus, Poss. of marijuana, trafficking in C/S, poss. of weapon by conviced felon, domestic violence

Hollingsworth Jecorion Deā€™Jour, Poss. of marijuana

Jordan Enotris C, Fraud, insurance

Kemp John Stephen, DUI, first offense

Keys Austin Lee, DUI, first offense

Kidd Benjie, DUI, first offense

Kidd Diamond Kieara, Probation violation

Lester Gregory Scott, No insurance, expired tag, no tag, no insurance, no D.L., poss. of Schedule -II drug, fugitive, other jurisdiction

Lewis Davie R, Contempt of court

Logan Julian Allen Sr., Public drunk

Logan Angela Delain, DWLS, no insurance

Lowe Jermiah, Providing false information, identification to officer

Lucky Rose Elizabeth, Custody orders

Lyles Barrent Lee, Burglary

Magee Lagerious, Disturbing the peace

Martin Devante Deshun, Probation violation

McMahan Brittany Leanne, No insurance, expired tag, no tag

Miller Christian Anthony, Custody orders

Nichols Bryan, Fugitive, other jurisdiction

Palacios Marcos, Poss. of stolen weapon

Poole Jordan Reshard, Poss. of weapon by convicted felon

Powe Laalbert Montrell, Disorderly conduct

Powe Rodric German, DUI, first offense

Preble James M, Domestic violence, simple, simple assault

Price Roy, Probation violation

Ramsey Jeffery Thomas Eugene, DUI, first offense

Reynold Jeffrey Clyde, Malicious mischief, disorderly conduct

Reynolds Vinson Alexander, Careless driving, no insurance, no D.L., failure to yield right of way

Robbins Alicia Marie, Shoplifting

Rogers Michael Christopher, Custody orders

Rose Jason Darrell, Poss. of paraphernalia

Simon Amanda Kristine, Poss. of C/S

Smith Charles Anthony, Probation violation

Spiers Keegan Lee, Disorderly conduct

Stepp David Raymond, Failure to yield right of way, no D.L.

Stuard Brody Patrick, Poss. of marijuana, false identifying information, no D.L., expired D.L.

Tate Jamarcuis Vasean, Receiving stolen property, poss. of weapon by convicted felon

Tisdale Richard Michael, DUI, second offense

Travis Zarrius, Hindering prosecution, rendering criminal assistance

Villavicnecio Christian Jacob, DUI, first offense, driving on wrong side of road, no headlights

Warmack Paul Lewis, DUI, first offense

Watkins Illya, Poss. of C/S

Watson Benjamin James, Public drunk

Watson Thomas Joseph, Expired tag, no tag

Watts John Gerald, DUI, first offense, speeding

Wheeler Albert Benard, Custody orders

Williams Carlo, Public drunk

Williams Jeremyka Preston, Domestic violence

Woullard Thomas Jr., Petit larceny, poss. of marijuana

Young Timothy Vincent II, DUI, first offense, expired no tag, speeding

The following information has been obtained from records which are open for public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following named person and are not the final dispositions of the person. The Impact publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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