Arnold William Ellis, DWLS, no insurance, open beer container, improper equipment, expired tag, poss. of paraphernalia

Atkins Cherie Lynn, DUI, first offense

Barnett Jonathan E, Disorderly conduct

Bates Jenifer Christine, Poss. of marijuana

Battee Johnny Earl, DUI, first offense

Beach Cody Dale, DUI, first offense

Betts Ledarious, Fugitive, other jurisdiction, poss. of marijuana

Buckhalter Lavondrea Koletha, Poss. of C/S

Bush Shannon Renee, Fraud, bad checks

Buse Wesley Gene, Poss. of C/S

Carter Donald Ray, Shoplifting

Connolly Brendan Peter, DUI, first offense

Deakles Samantha, Indecent exposure, petit larceny

Donald Ricky, Disorderly conduct, drunk or profanity in public

Estrada Anna Michelle, Poss. of C/S

Frazier Terry Lee, Fugitive, other jurisdiction

Gales Jean Ellis, Susp. D.L., seat belt violation, no insurance

Garraway Glory C, Petit larceny

Glass Christopher, Probation violation

Heggins-Nale, Martie Janiece, Trespass

Hilton Gregory, No D.L.

Holder Ashton Asharri, Disorderly conduct

Johnson Jacquline N, Public drunk

Lee Darius, Domestic violence

Lott Reggie Vernett, Domestic violence

McCaleb William Benjamin, Embezzlement

McGowan Kenneth Dewayne, Poss. of Schedule I-II drug

McKenney Daniel Clinton, Poss. of paraphernalia, marijuana

McKenney Lindsey Grace, Poss. of Schedule I-II drug

Minter Russell Walter, Foreign warrant

Moore William Edward, Poss. of marijuana, poss. of weapon by convicted felon

Morgan Diamond, Telephone harassment, simple assault

Mott Marshall Roland, Poss. of C/S

Odom Daryl, Poss. of paraphernalia

Parker Jason Dewayne, Domestic violence, disturbance of the family

Simon William Patrick, DUI, second offense

Strickland Alissa Shae, Shoplifting

Valadares Joao Paulo Reis, DUI, first offense

Walker Jeremy Lemond, Fugitive, other jurisdiction

Ware Tony T, DUI, first offense

Webster Dustin Cade, DUI, first offense

Williams Shakeliah M, Shoplifting

The following information has been obtained from records which are open for public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following named person and are not the final dispositions of the person. The Impact publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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