Amerson Terrance Jr. Poss. of C/S

Baker Ned, Disorderly conduct, drunk or profanity in public

Barnes Deontrae M, Conspiracy to distribute marijuana

Boler Steven Lane, Poss. of paraphernalia

Bolton Willie Ray, Probation violation

Bridges Stanley Warren, Poss. of Schedule I-II drug, DUI, first offense

Brown Darius, Domestic violence

Bryant Christopher L, Disregard for traffic control device, no D.L., poss. of C/S, trespassing, DUI, first offense

Bullock Aaron Parham, Public drunk

Burns Darrell Akeem, Poss. of Schedule I-II drug

Carrillo Sandi May, Prostitution

Clark Antonio, Disorderly conduct

Cole Shaniece Rachel, Prostitution

Curtis Bennie, Public drunk, trespassing

Daley Curtis Ray, Exploitation of children

Davis Jeremy L, Switched tag, altered tag, trespassing

Dearman David Lavon Jr., Foreign warrant

Dorton Duval, Poss. of marijuana, fugitive, other jurisdiction, neglect of child

Dunaway Tanya, Shoplifting

Elmore Joseph A, Disorderly conduct

Evans Richard Terrell Jr, Domestic violence

Harris Julian, DUI, third offense

Jackson Myeshia Marie, Fugitive, other jurisdiction

Jackson Terry Demaris, Disorderly conduct

Johnson Jonathan, Domestic violence

Johnson Zrona Kuran, Prostitution

Jordan Jeremy Jermaine, Assault, aggravated

Joyce Ryan P, Poss. of paraphernalia

Kellar Douglas, Poss. of methamphetamine, no exp. or imp. D.L., DUI, first offense

Leslie Brandy N, DUI, first offense

McCoy Cruz, Domestic violence

McKines Teyonna Antenette, Disorderly conduct, drunk or profanity in public

Mingo Christopher Ryshun, Disregard traffic device, requirement of motor vehicle operator’s license, child restraint requirement of device, failure to provide and use device

Moree Darla Jean, Poss. of paraphnerlaia

Morris Shelbi, Prostitution

Nobles Kaylile Lynn, Fugitive, other jurisdiction, shoplifting

Norman Joshua Lee, Custody orders

Parker Monica, Shoplifting

Pickett Simone Latrice, Prostitution, poss. of marijuana, false information or identification to law enforcement officer, child restraint violation, no D.L., no insurance, inspection sticker, none/expired

Reedy Daniel Rosevelt, Abusing Policemen, disorderly conduct, drunk or profanity in public

Roberts Jerry Dale, Prostitution

Rogers Jaylan A, Poss. of marijuana

Rogers Michael Christopher, Drug court violation, poss. of marijuana

Shewsburg Michael Wayne, Poss. of methamphetamine

Smith Jason, DUI, third offense

Stuard Ethel Renee, Custody orders

Sublett Gregory Sean, Domestic violence

Summerlin Jerry Lee II, Public drunk

Swilley Marquell, Poss. of C/S

Torrence Rachel Mellenda, Prostitution 

Walmon Gary Leon, Domestic violence

Williamson Gregory Scott, Domestic violence, poss. of paraphernalia

Yancey Xavier Jarel, Poss. of marijuana

Yawn Michael Allen, Poss. of C/S

The following information has been obtained from records which are open for public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following named person and are not the final dispositions of the person. The Impact publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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