Forrest County Jail Docket – (July 13th – July 14th, 2021):

Anderson, Tananekia – Probation Violation

Breazeale, Daniel Joey – Driving While License Suspended, License Tags Or Plates And Renewal License Decals

Crosby, Zachary Alonzo – Probation Violation

Dixon Wayne – Probation Violation

Edwards, Jessie Wayne – Custody Orders

Ellis, Joe Henry – Custody Orders

Fairman Sr., Michael Dewayne – Contempt Of Court

Goff, Tyler – Probation Violation

Hulsey, James Earnest – Public Drunk, Disorderly Conduct/Failure To Comply With Police Officer

Leslie, Brandy N. – Disturbance Of Family In Dwelling Or House

Lott Jr., Eric – Ja’Rell – Motor Vehicle Theft/Taking Away Of Motor Vehicle

Mitchell, Scottie – Custody Orders

Parker, Cory Alexander – Poss. Of Stolen Weapon First Offense

Samples, Heather – Drug Court Violation

Taylor, Curtis Ray – Poss. Of Controlled Substance Schedule I-II Drug

Wilkinson, Shawn Christopher – DWLS, DUI Second Offense

Williams, Randi D. – Cont. Substance Sale/Manf./PWID Marijuana, Poss. Of Firearm At Crime/Arrest

The above information has been obtained from records which are open for public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following names persona and are not the final dispositions of the person. The Impact publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.