(Jones County) As a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide for the social welfare of vulnerable citizens, the Cherished Hearts, Inc., board of directors does not feel it is socially responsible to participate in a large scale event that might put vulnerable citizens at risk during this global pandemic.
Furthermore, it would be in violation of executive orders given to our state by Governor Tate Reeves. We contacted the mayor’s office, statewide legislators, the governor’s office, and medical professionals for advice on the Steak Cook-off scheduled for May 23. All those contacted stated that these events would violate state orders and jeopardize the public health and should be postponed.
Cherished Hearts therefore withdrew from participating in the SCA event scheduled on May 23, both as participants and beneficiaries. We at Cherished Hearts were excited about this fundraiser, as it would get us closer to the goals we have set in helping abused children in Jones County and opening a children's advocacy center. We are absolutely heartbroken that our plans were interrupted by things out of our control. However, it would contradict our core values to participate in an event of this scale at this time. We must abide by the laws given to our state.
We are profoundly grateful for the effort that has gone into making our organization stronger. The amount of work that goes into organizing large scale events is, without a doubt, considerable, and Cherished Hearts is thankful for the work that has been done.
After direct requests to the promoter of the event and the SCA to postpone the event were denied, we felt it necessary to withdraw from the event.
We would never put some individuals at risk in order to accomplish the goals of the organization, no matter how noble the aim. 

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