BSPD investigating Sunday break-in, stolen vehicle

The Bay Springs Police Department is investigating an incident that happened Sunday where a reckless driver report turned into a home being broken into and a vehicle being stolen.

Bay Springs Mayor Donald Brown, on behalf the town and police department, relayed the reckless driver report led officers to a vehicle pulled to the side of the road on the east side of Bay Springs. Two officers responded to the call, and one approached the vehicle in his patrol cruiser, turned on the blue lights, and the driver of the vehicle on the side of the road fled to the Bay Springs High School campus near the softball field, where the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled into a wooded area.

Both officers initially took to searching for the assailant in the wooded area, and soon after, one officer returned to where the suspect left the vehicle to make sure the suspect had not returned to the vehicle left on the Bay Springs campus.

The suspect allegedly proceeded to break into a Bay Springs residence where a gun and vehicle were stolen. The vehicle was later recovered in Rankin County.

Brown said electronic surveillance from the residence that the gun and vehicle were stolen from has provided a lead to a possible suspect.