Justin Glenn

Justin Glenn (rear) is led into the courtroom Thursday by a bailiff. Photo/Kevin Williamson

A day after halting a capital murder case due to a faulty indictment, Jones County Circuit Court Judge Dal Williamson on Thursday morning denied bond to the suspect in that case, Justin Glenn. Glenn, according to the District Attorney’s Office, will be indicted again.

The judge said in his ruling on the bond motion that he had serious reservations about releasing Glenn because it appears to the Court that the defendant resorts to the use of a gun when he gets angry. Judge Williamson also noted that the defendant’s ex-girlfriend would be a witness in the case and he had concerns for her safety, if Glenn was turned loose.

Glenn allegedly shot and killed Carl Fair on September 3, 2017, and was later indicted by a Grand Jury. Earlier in the week, on Monday, the judge refused to dismiss the case after defense attorney Vanessa Jones filed a motion to dismiss because of “lack of constitutional and/or statutory speedy trial.” The case was then set to go before a jury on Wednesday. However, on the morning of the trial, the Court discovered a defect in the indictment and dismissed it.

Assistant District Attorney Dennis Bisnette explained that defective language in the indictment was due to some alterations in the law that occurred since Glenn’s original indictment was composed. He labeled it as a technical glitch and said plans are to re-indict Glenn and reset the trial for the November or January court term.

Glenn is accused of murdering Carl Fair in Laurel at the Westhill Apartments in the early morning hours of September 3, 2017. According to testimony presented to the court, Glenn entered Westhill Apartment L-6, where Fair and Glenn’s ex-girlfriend were staying on the day of the shooting. Glenn made his way into the apartment through a kitchen window and got into a struggle with Fair in a hallway, before shooting him multiple times. Glenn was struck in the head with a hard object during the struggle and had to be treated at South Central Regional Medical Center. Fair was pronounced dead at the scene. According to court records, the defense claims that “the defendant used necessary force to defend himself against an aggressive attacker using a deadly weapon.”

The alleged entry and killing occurred around 4:00 a.m. on that September 2017 day.

Glenn’s defense team called five witnesses (four family members and one former co-worker) to the stand Thursday to testify in the attempt to get a bond set for the defendant. They all agreed that Glenn had the support of a close family, had been a hard worker that supported his family prior to the shooting, and they all testified that they believed Glenn would show up for all his court dates if he was allowed to bond out.

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