Lynn Buckhaults

Ellisville Mayor Lynn Buckhaults (center) and the five-member Board of Aldermen handled several items during its meeting on Tuesday. Photo/Eloria James

ELLISVILLE - The Ellisville Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow cameras to be placed at the traffic lights in the City of Ellisville. With little discussion, the board agreed to allow ADT to place traffic test cameras at the traffic lights in the city. Officials said the cameras will be placed at no charge to the city during the testing phase.

Also, the board handled several property matters during public hearings at this week’s meeting.

     *City officials conducted a hearing for Eardis Knight Estate, which is located at 601 North Front Street. Officials said they had received no response from the owner. The fire department burned the house and sent a letter for the hearing and cleanup of debris. The city will now move forward with cleanup of the property and will assess the cost to the property’ tax roll.

     *The board voted to accept the lowest bid on property owned by the city located at 607 Beulah Street. 

     *The board agreed to send a letter to Sarah Edison concerning city property she is leasing. Officials said the letter should state that the city will terminate the lease if she has not cleaned the property in 30 days.

     Also, the board voted unanimously to approve some additions to the order they approved in April authorizing the purchase of a vehicle for one of its departments. During the previous meeting, the board agreed to purchase a 2019 extended cab, four-wheel drive Nissan for the city’s Public Works Department off state bid at a price of $22,000. According to officials, the department’s current vehicle is worn out. The board on Tuesday approved add-ons to the purchase in the amount of $780. Officials said the additions are required because the manufacturer does not make vehicles without add-ons.

     In other matters, the city approved some changes in the city’s Public Works Department and discussed the Ellisville Farmers Market and some safety issues.

     Police Chief Bruce Russell updated the board concerning parking at BJ’s and discussed Blank Street and Highway 11 traffic issues.

     The board voted unanimously to approve the city’s Public Works Department hiring of John McLemore as a laborer on a six-month probationary period at a rate of $19,760 annually.

     The board agreed to advertise for Ellisville’s Miss Hospitality for $350, make changes to the pickup list for the Community Bank Bag, and to approve the contract for state bid price for renewal of postage machine with Pitney Bowes.

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