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(May 21, 2019) - Ellisville Police Department Chief Bruce Russell said this morning that investigators are still checking all avenues before determining if the death of a female found last week was a homicide or suicide. Authorities have not released the name of the woman, who was found hanging from a tree at the Rocky Creek Trailer Park on Highway 11 South on Wednesday, May 15. She was born in 1990.

Her body was discovered by a tree trimming crew, who then alerted the police. Russell said authorities were on the scene within minutes after they received the call, which came in at 8:35 a.m. Officials estimate that she had been dead 12 or more hours by the time she was found. No relatives or friends were at the residence at the time authorities arrived.

Russell said investigators have “looked, digged and pried” for evidence of a homicide, but nothing has been uncovered to this point. Investigators, however, are not ready to make a determination of death just yet.

“This is being worked as a homicide,” said the chief. “All precautions are being taken.”

Authorities are still waiting the results of autopsy and toxicology reports.

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