Alleged Jasper County thief arrested, charged again

Cody Phillips of Jasper County was arrested by the Jasper County Sheriff's Department on September 14 and charged with three counts of burglary and one count of larceny. He was previously arrested and charged in July 2021 with multiple counts counts of grand larceny and burglary.

A Jasper County man, already charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and burglary stemming from a July 2021 arrest, has been arrested again by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department on similar charges.

Cody Phillips, 35, was released from the Jasper County Jail in mid-July on a $15,000 bond set by Justice Court Judge Sullivan Dukes, after being charged with four counts of grand larceny and two counts of burglary. Phillips and an also charged accomplice, Justin Sellars of Jones County, were accused and charged at near the same time in July of hitting a hunting camp near Rose Hill over only days and stealing two four wheelers, a side-by side, a rifle, tools and other items. Photos from a camera at the burglary scene, along with eyewitness accounts, led JCSD investigators directly to Phillips and Sellars.

“The SO received a call on July 3 about a shed that had been broken into and some items that were taken. We responded and discovered that two four-wheelers were taken, and we believe, at this time, a 45/70 rifle was taken,” Johnson said in July. “There were some ‘still’ photos from a camera that were on scene. The next day, on July 4, we received a call that it (the same area) had been hit again. At this time, a John Deere side-by-side, tools, air compressor, and other things like that were taken. We kind of tried to monitor it for the next couple days, and then on the 8th of July, we were notified that somebody was on scene.”

Following further investigation and the questioning of Phillips in July, authorities were led to Sellars’ residence in Jones County where alleged stolen ATVs and other items were recovered.

JCSD, months after the initial arrests of Phillips and Sellars, continued to investigate a string of burglaries and larcenies that occurred during the mid-summer, according to JSCD Detective Jody White, which led to Phillips’ most recent arrest on September 14.

“In August, we received information that a golf cart that was stolen off CR 528-12 from a deer camp that was also burglarized was possibly in Petal,” explained White. “Investigators were able to locate the subject who had the golf cart and confirmed that it was the cart stolen from the deer camp. Through the investigation, investigators were able to develop a suspect in the theft of the golf cart and the burglary. With information provided, investigators were able to secure a search warrant for the residence of Cody Phillips located at 151 CR 528-12. Upon executing the warrant, Phillips was taken into custody and several pieces of stolen property were recovered from the residence.”

Phillips, according to White, was interviewed about the deer camp burglary and larceny, and confessed to the crimes. He was also questioned in reference to a burglary of a shed on CR 29 in the Antioch Community where several item were stolen, and a residence on CR 528-12 where multiple guns were taken. He confessed to breaking into the property on CR 29.

On top of the July charges, Phillips has most recently been charged with three counts of burglary and one count of grand larceny. He has appeared before Justice Court Judge Marvin Jones, where a $100,000 bond was set by the Judge. Phillips still remains behind bars in the Jasper County Jail.

The investigation is still ongoing, and more charges and arrests are pending, according to White.