Jones County Arrest Report 06/06/14 to 06/09/14
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The following information has been obtained from records which are open for public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following named person and are not the final dispositions of the person. The IMPACT publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

• Barrett, Mary (WF) 11/15/60: Public drunkenness

• Berlin, Eric (WM) 04/01/76: Driving under the influence-2nd offense; careless driving

• Brady, Allen Randolph (WM) 12/18/91: Public drunkenness

• Brooks, Tenisha Faye (WF) 02/19/86: Contempt of court

• Brown, Travis M. (BM) 04/25/77: Possession of methamphetamine with intent; possession of paraphernalia; suspended drivers license; possession of paraphernalia

• Coleman, Victor Michael (BM) 01/047/85: Possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute; careless driving; suspended drivers license; possession of marijuana, vehicle; possession of paraphernalia

• Dean, George Larry Jr. (BM) 12/31/68: Public drunkenness

• Donald, James Hubert (WM) 01/19/76: Suspended drivers license

• Freeman, Daniel W. (WM_ 09/19/90: Hold for other agency

• George, David Earl (BM) 05/03/84: Careless driving; driving under the influence-1st offense; open container; possession of controlled substance; possession of controlled substance

• Harper, Terry Jerome (BM) 07/17/59: Public drunkenness; disorderly conduct

• Hendry, Daryl (WM) 09/10/38: Domestic violence

• Herford, Brandon Lacole (WF) 11/16/84: Domestic violence

• Hoover III, Herbert Joseph (WM) 11/25/68: Court order

• Howard, Johnny Ray (BM) 09/30/64: Public drunkenness

• Ingram, Jaquan Marquise (BM) 09/25/94: Domestic violence

• Jones, Justin McCoy (WM) 06/05/89: Driving under the influence-1st offense

• Kelly, Katherine M. (WF) 08/04/69: Improper equipment; possession of methamphetamine

• Keys, Johnny C. (BM) 08/21/83: Driving under the influence/refusal to take test; careless driving

• Long, Matthew Bryant (WM) 05/15/92: Public drunkenness; open container

• Marsh, Monroe Lashone (BM) 03/06/82: Possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute

• Martinez, Anthony (WM) 11/24/69: Driving under the influence-1st offense; suspended drivers license; no insurance; motor vehicle inspection sticker

• McSwain, Kendrick D. (BM) 04/28/89: Grand larceny-more than $500; possession of marijuana-1st offense

• Merrill, Frank White (BM) 03/14/82: Hold for other agency

• Newell, Demarcus (BM) 02/03/94: Providing false information to law enforcement; contempt of court; domestic violence

• Newel, Dicie (BF) 11/26/69: Shoplifting, 3rd offense or $250 or more

• Parish, James Donavan (WM) 08/06/90: Leaving the scene, unattended; driving under the influence-1st offense

• Randolph, Mario A. (BM) 08/10/76: Probation violation

• Rogers, Timothy Taraell (BM) 01/20/83: Driving under the influence-1st offense; resisting arrest; disorderly conduct

• Simmons, Markeith Deshawn (BM) 03/03/92: Suspended drivers license; no license tag; improper equipment

• Simmons, Paul Douglas (BM) 08/13/62: Public drunkenness

• Smith, Willie E. (BM) 05/28/61: No drivers license; no insurance; disobey traffic control device

• Taylor, Tenisha M. (BF) 03/12/86: Hold for other agency

• Taylor-McCullum, Tonya Evonne (BF) 08/23/65: Possession of paraphernalia

• Terrell, Andreas Leonardo (BM) 08/19/96: Probation violation

• Turner, Deallen Donte (BM) 11/06/87: Driving under the influence-2nd offense; suspended drivers license; improper equipment; probation violation

• Wade, Lleland G. (WM) 07/31/85: Receiving stolen property; possession of controlled substance

• Walters, Rowdy William (WM) 09/02/71: Public drunkenness; disorderly conduct, business

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